How to Draw a Cool Dog a in a Simple Step by Step

Dogs are man’s best friend and the first ever domesticated animals. From Golden retrievers to Siberian Huskies to German Shepherds, there are more than 300 different breeds out there. Learning how to draw a dog is so much fun and an amazing way to exercise drawing animals especially if you’re a pets lover. Be it an ordinary real dog like a hound, a Chihuahua, or a cartoon one; learning how to draw your pet is quite an easy task if you know how to proceed.

If you’re interested in an easy guide on how to do so, you just found the right one. In this tutorial we’ll walk you through how you could draw an awesome dog of your choice in simple step by step guide. These instructions will clear your way whether you make a drawing of a little puppy or an adult dog.

1. First things first, we will choose a picture of a certain pet. In this tutorial of ours, we have picked the photo of a French Bulldog as an example because they’re nice and pleasant, but you could use this tutorial with any dog breed you like.

2. No trying to play a expert on you, but if you take a very close look, a dog’s body (and basically any other kind of body) is but a whole bunch of differently-shaped small and big circles assembled together. So with that concept in mind, we can start our drawing.

3. Begin by drawing a circle in the shape of the dog’s head you’ve chosen. In our case, we squared it a bit to match the head of our French Bulldog (all the other circles we draw are to be removed later on).

4. Then we will add another smaller circle inside the large circle which will be the dog’s snout. Be sure to adapt the snout circle to the dog’s one you picked to draw.

5. After that, we add a little small nose.

6. Would you have thought about it! eyes are also in the shape of circles, we then draw one eye on the two sides of our lovely dog’s face.

7. In a next step, we put those leafy big ears above the eyes in the sides of our pet’s head.

8. Now we continue with our circles, for the body, we draw a quite large circle for the chest as the Bulldogs have a quite big chest.

9. In this step comes the pelvis. Dogs, in general, do have larger chest and smaller ends, so let’s add the butt in smaller circle than the chest.

10. Now, let’s connect the circles we draw until now as below.

11. Next step, we will be adding four circles as paws, two in the back and two up front.

12. In step 12 we will make sure to add some small toes to the paws we just draw.

13. Now we attach the paws to the main corp as in the drawing below.

14. The next body part is the tail, and dogs’ tails are different, so you would want to do some research in order to determine whether to go for a short thick tail or a long one depending on the dog breed you’re drawing.

15. In the fifteenth step we add in our drawing some details and external features. Our dog here is covered in wrinkles and skin creases. We did also give it some pointed nails in case of need.

16. Our dog does also need a mouth for barking and eating, so let’s draw him one.

17. Now it’s time to trace out the head’s external outline.

18. We also need to add in any eventual face wrinkles, our dog here is got some so let’s make sure it looks the same on the drawing we made.

19. This Bulldog looks like it’s got some empty eyes, so let’s complete that looking now and make it more realistic.

20. Now let’s put in some mustache as well.

21. You also add any colored spots your dog might have, the Frenchy has got some so we put those on too.

22. Now it’s time to remove all the unnecessary lines, otherwise, all the annoying circles we’ve been drawing.

23. If you wish to go an extra step, you could add some coat and surface features or any additional details that would make your dog more ordinary.

24. In a final step, let’s use some coloring. Our French Bulldog is now ready to bark.

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