Quite often referred to as man’s best and most loyal friends, dogs enjoy some great care and attention at their owners, feeding them, loving them, taking them to the vet, building them houses …

In essence, our homes belong to our pets as well, but some dog owners have chosen to provide their companion with a house that is specifically and exclusively intended for them, not just any doghouse, but a creative one in which they express their interest and love for their fury friend.

We have assembled in this post some of the most impressive and awesome dog houses that you will certainly love.

1- Luxury Doghouse

Luxury Dog House

This luxury dog mansion from Los Angeles is worth $30,000. Every part in this doghouse is custom, starting from the entrance flooring to the red-argil covered roof. With two little towers at the front, each one of them include a shadowed space that is air-cooled in the sunny, hot days.

If you are a a pet owner, then you’d be well aware of how important it is to keep your dog’s place always clean especially if you allow them indoor. Therefore, when picking or designing a dog house, it is of great importance to do so whit the how-to-clean-it process in mind, Sometime a removable roof makes it quite easier.