The Emotional Sad Story of Legendary Laika, The little dog and Her One-Way Trip into Space.

According to different sources, the official decision of the launch was made only about four weeks before the due date, leaving the engineers very short time to equip the craft. The little ship was designed entirely for innocent Laika which weights about 6 kilograms, her cabin was equipped with:

  • An oxygen generator.
  • A Carbon dioxide absorber.
  • A cooling fan to control heat.
  • Equipments to monitor the dog’s heart rate, respiration rate, arterial pressure…
  • Food and water for a seven day flight.
  • A bag to collect waste.
Sputnik 2 prototype
Sputnik 2

The cabin was so small, and a harness was produced to fit Laika size, there were also small chains restricting her movements to sitting, lying down or standing. The place could barely contain her body, and the dog couldn’t turn around. For that, Laika underwent some training experiences were she would stay in a small place (cage), be placed in a centrifuge that simulated rocket acceleration, or in machine for spacecraft noise simulation … so she could get ready for her trip. Her training took about 20 days.

Before the launch, one of the fellow scientists team took Laika to his home where she rested an played with his children for a couple of days. “I wanted to do something nice for her: She had so little time left to live” the scientist says.

The dog centrifuge training machine.
The centrifuge where Laika was trained – TASS

On 3 November 1957, everything was set for the trip in Baikonur Kazakhstan were the launch took place. As the rocket was accelerating … Continue Reading

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