The Best Healthy Dog Foods in 2021

The best dog food that they’ll love

  • We did a comparison between a dozens of products to come with the best dog food formulas and brands that are ideal for all the life periods of your dog.
  • These dog dishes have dietary profiles and components that are suitable for the common needs of various dogs, including little young dogs, adult dogs, and canines with food allergies.
  • With fresh locally supplied ingredients, Orijen manufactures some of the best pet food you can purchase for your dog. Each formula is bundled with protein, packed with natural tasty flavor and limited in carbohydrates.

Although it might seem like a dog meal is a dog meal, not all foods are made equivalent. The nature of dog food items differs enormously starting with one producer then onto the next, and it very well may be difficult to figure out what the best pet food is for your coated companion.

While there are some great well-reputed dog food brands available out there, there are likewise those that cut corners by loading up their recipes with bad quality substances and artificial ingredients. Pet foods are not so as regulated as human foods do, so if you worry to feed your dog with some quality-made products, you will have to do some inquiry.

The nature of your dog’s eating routine is directly related to their wellbeing, so you wouldn’t want to settle for low quality made foods and treats. All dogs have similar essential nourishing needs, so it’s quiet possible to assess the quality of one dog food formula in comparison with another regarding how well each one meets those basic needs. In order to do so however, you will need to have a comprehension of your pet’s nutritional needs and requirements and also some understanding of how to read a dog product food label.

These kind of things may require some time and energy but, be that as it may, fortunately for you, we’ve done the task. We have run through the feedback and reviews on popular sites like Whole Dog Journal and Dog Food Advisor and contrasted many brands’ items to come with top dog food products in various categories.

Important Note: The FDA has published a report counting 16 pet food brands that might be connected to heart illness in dogs. Up until now, there has not been any recall of dog food items from these brands, and the FDA is continuing its inspection. You can get more details in this report from New York Times. Many grain-free recipes are listed in this guide; here’s the full rundown: Natural Balance, Merrick, Blue Buffalo, 4Health, Nutro Fromm, NutriSource, Rachael Ray Nutrish, California Natural, Earthborn Holistic, Orijen, Nature’s Variety, Acana, Taste of the Wild, Nature’s Domain and Zignature.

Here is the best pet food you can get for your dog:

1- Orijen: The best dog food overall

Orijen dog food

The Orijen dog food is grain-free and is intended to copy the healthy regular organic eating routine your dog is supposed to follow.

Given that all dogs have similar basic nourishing needs, what makes a specific product the ideal food for your dog may vary as per their activity level, age, and eventual specific dietary needs. For a manufacturer that provides dog food which is intended to satisfy your pet’s biological and natural needs, our first and top choice was Orijen. This brand makes some dogs foods that support your pet’s body similarly as nature expected, and it only utilizes locally supplied raw and fresh meats in a mixture of recipes designed for dogs in all life stages from little puppies to old dogs.

Each of Orijen’s dog meal is designed and intended to copy the kind of natural eating habits your canine should follow according to their wild ancestors. Orijen dog meals are rich in proteins and meat. Up to 90% of each item is meat, which is more than three times the composing amount in regular dog meal product. Moreover, every formula contains an ensured least of 38% unrefined protein by volume.

While a canine’s eating regime should mainly consist of animal aliments, dogs’ digestion system has a limited ability to process plant materials, therefore, digestible grain-free carbohydrates such as fresh vegetables and fruits can be a great addition. Origen dog meals contain just low-glycemic, no more than 20% carbs, easily absorbable carbohydrates like pumpkin, leafy greens, fresh fruits and lentils.

Dog Food Advisor noted that Orijen’s pets food is above market average and that none of its dog foods have been recalled.

Orijen supplies only dry dog foods at present, however it offers a variety of freeze-dried aliments and kibbles for pups, grown-ups and older dogs just as a variety of 100% fresh meat made treats.

Pros: Made in the Canada and the US, organically suitable for weight control plans, limited in carbohydrate and low in glycemic, high-protein amounts, planned for various life stages, a minimum of 38% raw protein, conventional freeze-dried and kibble alternatives, all grain-free formulas.

Cons: No wet food items available at present, a few formulas may contain plant proteins such as dried lucerne and peas, numerous formulas contain regular proteins and some other elements that may cause hypersensitivities in certain dogs (like chicken, fish and beef).

2- Canidae: The best dry dog food

Canidae dog food

Canidae utilizes easily-digestible carbs and premium proteins in all of its recipes to suit dogs in different life stages and those with particular nutritional needs.

In case you’re searching for a dry dog food brand that offers a wide choice of excellent quality formulas, our first choice is Canidae. An autonomous and family-possessed business, Canidae ensures its supplies in raw materials from other family-owned companies all through the US, the brand processes each of its nutritionally balanced recipes in self-owned and run facilities. This company offers conventional life stages recipes as well as limited-ingredient and grain-free formulas.

All in all, the Canidae brand for dog food gets very satisfactory customer feedback from Petsho and Top Dog Tips as a US-based supplier that offers an assortment of recipes for dogs with various dietary needs. The Life Stages lineup of products includes seven different and unique formulas produced with easily-decomposed carbohydrates and premium proteins. Besides the three “All life stages” recipe, there are special formulas for puppies, adult dogs, and large-size dogs.

The Canidae Grain-Free PURE choice comprises nine grain recipes made with premium proteins like wild boar, duck, and fresh sheep meat. Each one of these formulas is made with a limited list of ingredients to decrease the food sensitivities risk. There are as well three formulas particularly designed for small-size breeds of dogs.

One other thing that puts Canidae on our top selection list for dry dog food is the fact that it has got a totally different separate brand that is intended to be affordable for dog owners on a limited budget. The Under the Sun is a Canidae owned brand made with its fresh farm-based composing ingredients, but is accessible at a more affordable cost. Under the Sun is named on Dog Food Advisor’s top 4-star brands.

In the Canidae’s 20-year history, the company has had one single product callback that had took place in 2012, and it was an intentionally issued recall because of a potential Salmonellosis risk for dogs.

Pros: The brand is a United States-based organization, the company is an independent business and family-owned, the brand runs its own production facilities, fresh ingredients supplies, wide assortment of excellent formulas, all life stages recipes for little puppies and adult dogs, grain-free formulas and short-ingredients-list made recipes for dogs with eventual food sensitivities, dedicated separate brand for pet owners on a limited budget, plans for little-breeds of dogs.

Cons: The company has had one callback that affected four items, numerous plans contain normal proteins and other aliments that may cause hypersensitivities in certain dogs (like rice, fish chicken).

3- Blue: The best wet dog food


Blue Buffalo offers a wide variety of outstanding formulas for both dry and wet dog food, and its recipes are all fresh-natural-aliments based.

In case you are searching for excellent wet dog food, we strongly suggest the Blue Buffalo food brand for your dog. Blue Buffalo is not just one of the top natural dog food makers in general, it also offers four particular product lines so dog owners can pick the wet food recipe that matches the best their canine’s needs and inclinations. As indicated by Whole Dog Journal, wet dog food might be more costly than dry one, but contains in general more meat and is more appetizing for certain dogs as it is higher in moisture. They indicate as well that it’s a good option for filling dog toys such as the Kong.

The Blue Buffalo brand considers pets to be like family members and that they should be treated accordingly. It is for this reason why the company utilizes only the best natural quality aliments in each and every one of its formulas. Blue Buffalo adopts a comprehensive approaching strategy toward dogs nutrition, picking each of its recipe based-aliments with care to guarantee complete and totally balanced meals without using any fillers, artificial flavors or unnatural supplements. Each formula goes beyond your dog’s minimum feeding needs.

Aside from being listed on Whole Dog Journal’s approved wet dog food for 2019, Blue Buffalo is also named as one of 5-star wet food brands by Dog Food Advisor. As for variety of choices, only few brands do have as many products as Blue Buffalo. The Freedom line of products with no grain recipes comprises ten formulas and the Basics lineup of limited ingredient recipes contains nine. There is over thirty formulas in the Wilderness selection of meat-rich recipes and 45 in the Life Protection recipe line.

One thing you should know about the Blue Buffalo brand is that it’s had many product reviews in its life. This isn’t awfully unexpected though for a brand that is over twenty years old and that produces hundreds of items. It is important to highlight that, as indicated by Petful, a large number of the brand’s recalls were internally and voluntarily issued as a precautionary and careful step.

Pros: United Stages-based organization, wide assortment of product selection, each formula contains high-quality and excellent natural protein, ingredients are all natural with no artificial additives, formulas conceived with all nutrition aspects in mind, each recipe contains LifeSource Bits for an increase in sustenance and flavor.

Cons: Several product recalls in company’s life, numerous formulas contain basic proteins and different additives that may cause sensitivities for certain dogs (like rice, fish and chicken), late changes in formula may trigger digestion related problems for some dogs.

4- Taste of the Wild: The best grain-free dog food

Taste of the-Wild-dog-food

Taste of the Wild brand makes some incredible dog food with healthfully rich and grain-free recipes that lessen the danger for food hypersensitivities and allergies.

Even so numerous dogs’ digestion system can process entire-grain carbohydrates, grains can potentially cause food sensitivities or allergies for certain dogs. A grain-free dog meal should be formulated with easily-digestible carbs like vegetables, fruits, and organic materials, with the main focus consistently being on high-quality protein sources.

Taste of the Wild comprehends that dogs desire and enjoy natural taste, which is the reason each one of its formulas is based on genuine cooked meats like buffalo, lamb and venison. Meat is the primary element in each formula, though most formulas include various animal proteins. The entire products of this brand are additionally enhanced with highly absorbable natural sugars for fiber and energy, chelated minerals for high nutritional absorption and dried dissolving ingredients for probiotic support.

This brand isn’t just named on the Whole Dog Journal’s 2019 list for approved dry dog foods, Taste of the Wild do also gets 4.5 stars from Dog Food Advisor. What truly distinguishes this brand is that it uses novel proteins such as venison or buffalo, which are more safe in regard to food sensitivities risk in dogs and make a better protein source than for commercially produced meats.

Pros: Each formula includes real cooked meat, grain-free and highly digestible carbohydrates, various proteins in each recipe, chelated minerals for a better digestion, boasted with antioxidants for an enhanced immunity, probiotic ingredients for a strong digestion system.

Cons: Limited choice of recipes compared to some other brands, no particular recipes for large-size dog breeds, formulas might have a higher amount of calories than an average dog meal.

5- The Farmer’s Dog: The best fresh dog food delivery

The Farmer's Dog-dog food

The Farmer’s Dog is a dog food supply service that delivers natural raw dog meals made to meet your pet’s feeding requirement.

When it comes to unprocessed dog food, The Farmer’s Dog has stood out for over five years. Their custom formulas are put together by board-certified veterinary specialists and are in complete compliance with AAFCO guidelines, meaning they are balanced and complete dog meals.

What we like most about The Farmer’s Dog brand is that their natural food recipes are altered to suit your dog’s age, breed, sex and particular health worries and preportioned by day according to their needs in calories. They offer three protein choices (pork, turkey and beef), which could represent, nevertheless, an issue for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies.

The meals are not processed, they are arranged in USDA-certified kitchens, and cooked within a few days of delivery. The food is shipped every fourteen days in frozen flat packages that fit perfectly in most refrigerators. While it’s a bit costly, with plans beginning at $3 for small-size dogs and as much as $11 a day for more bigger dogs, the food quality is worth every dollar if your spending plan allows it.

Pros: Outstanding unprocessed food quality, arranged in USDA-certified facilities, customized meals, AAFCO standards compliance, formulas created by board-certified veterinary specialists, 50% discount for first two weeks.

Cons: Limited protein choices, must be unfrozen, may not suit dogs with food allergies, food may turn sour if not consumed instantly after serving, costly.

6– Primal: The best raw dog food


Primal Freeze-Dried Nuggets dog food brand tops the list for its outstanding quality recipes with freshest and high-quality ingredients.

Regular dog foods are prepared at high temperature degrees in such a way that may wipe out a noteworthy amount of the main ingredients’ nutritional elements. When your pet takes raw uncooked dog food, he basically gets all the nutritional value his body requires without the need for any additional supplements. Even so raw dog foods need to be stored at very low temperature environment, no other kind of dog foods could be compared to their nutritional value, balance and integrity. For this, Primal is our top option for raw dog food.

Primal has nine distinct plans for raw dog meals, each recipe including a natural animal protein that contains no steroids, antibiotics or hormones. Every formula is created with complete human-grade constituents, including certified natural aliments. As the meals are delivered in a frozen state to keep their nutritional value, you will not find a long listing of synthetic elements. This brand does also offer dog owners frozen-dried recipes using several ingredients of the same high-quality list of elements, these formulas can be rehydrated to make a moisture-rich and nutritious dish for your dog.

Besides being named on the 5-star dog foods list by Dog Food Advisor, the Primat Pet Foods is also making it to Whole Dog Journal as one of the best freeze-dried raw dog food in 2018.

Although Primal’s raw food is remarkably more costly than many other dog foods available on the market, it offers a remarkably further extent of product value also. You have a choice between a selection of freeze-dried formulas, raw frozen recipes or you can use one of the brand’s raw mixes to make your own homemade dog food.

Pros: Prepared with 100% human-grade ingredients, certified organic supplements and produce, recipes hold most of their nutritional value and integrity, steroid-free and antibiotic proteins, variety of freeze-dried and raw frozen formulas as well as supplements and mixes.

Cons: Raw food must be stored in very low temperature environment, certain dogs do not enjoy the character of raw food, potential risk for food-borne sickness will improper handling, calculations needed to decide the right feeding amount, quiet expensive in comparison with other regular kibble.

7- Whole Earth: The best affordable dog food

Whole Earth-dog-food

Whole Earth Farms dog foods are organically nutritious and US-made, yet they’re incredibly inexpensive.

When looking for food for your pet, it makes sense not to shop only by price tag because low cost dog foods are also generally low in nutritional value. This doesn’t mean though that budget dog food products do not exist. Whole Earth Farms for instance, offers good quality plans at a more reasonable value than most tantamount dog food brands. This brand do actually figure on 4-star dog foods list by Dog Food Advisor, so you realize it must be alright.

The Whole Earth Farms brand products are made by Merrick Pet Care Company, a manufacturer that gets 4-star rating from Dog Food Advisor. Whole Earth Farms dog foods are made in the US with natural fresh ingredients to help your pet’s digestion system while additionally supporting their energy levels and enhancing their coat strength and skin. Every formula begins with a good quality animal protein and is boosted with probiotics, absorbable carbs, and chelated minerals for higher nutritional absorption.

This brand is not just budget friendly, it also does not use any wheat, corn or soy in its recipes, and all products are free from artificial and by-products substances.

As for their available plans, this brand offers fifteen canned meals and eleven dry food formulas. Whole Earth Farms sells a selection of grain-free and unique items, including recipes created for particular breed sizes and life stages so you can pick the solution that suits your dog the best.

Pros: Excellent combination of affordability and quality, no artificial added supplements, no by-products or bad quality fillers, intended for a healthy digestion system, wide assortment of dry and wet meal, made with excellent animal proteins, US made, recipes for various breed sizes and life stages.

Cons: Some plans could contain more animal protein than needed, some formulas contain regular proteins and additional elements that may cause food sensitivities in certain dogs (like fish, chicken and rice).

8- Taste of the Wild: The best dog food for puppies

Taste of the Wild-dog-food

Taste of the Wild Puppy Food is full of animal proteins and free from artificial additives, gluten and grains, making it perfect food for puppies.

Picking the perfect dog food for your pup is critical in the sense that it will affect their development and growth during the initial phase of his life. Little dogs need higher amounts of protein than senior dogs with essential minerals and vitamins as well as healthy fats for energy. Apart from satisfying your puppy’s dietary and nutritional needs, an perfect puppy food do also have to come in small bite-size and easily digestible kibbles.

Our selection for best dog food for young little dogs is Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy Food. created with an assortment of novel animal proteins such as cooked venison and buffalo, this puppy recipe is less likely to cause food sensitivities.

This formula is grain-free, contain digestible carbohydrates such as sweet potato and plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits to supply your dog’s body with the essential needed minerals and vitamins. With many fish components, this recipe has a tasty flavor and supports your puppy’s coat and skin with plenty of fats for his wellbeing.

Dog Food Advisor gives Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Puppy Food a 4-star rating, the brand does also get approval from Whole Dog Journal. Fish ingredients do not only supply puppies with irresistible taste and healthy protein, the healthy fats do also keep their coat well and good-looking.

Pros: Created with novel protein aliments, grain-free carbohydrates, contains meat aliments and fresh meat, dried fermentation substances for probiotic support, includes fresh vegetables and fruits nutrients, chelated minerals for easy and high body absorption, enhanced with DHA for mental health.

Cons: Positively expensive compared to some other plans, offers only two puppy recipes as a choice, contains some vegetarian protein.

9- Wellness: The best dog food for senior dogs


Made with absorbable entire grains, joint-supporting supplements and high-quality animal proteins, Wellness Complete Health Senior Dog Food is exactly what your old dog needs.

As your adult dog gets older, he’ll begin to get lazier. And since senior dogs are less energetic and dynamic, they consume less calories than more youthful pets, but nevertheless, they still require healthy fats and a mix of protein in their nutritional system. Joint-supporting elements like chondroitin and glucosamine are especially of great importance for dogs in their late life stages and higher fiber levels will help sustain their gastrointestinal wellbeing. Our top selection for the best senior dog food is Wellness Complete Health Senior Dog Food.

Sold in small-breed and original recipes, Wellness Complete Health Senior Dog Food includes fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains and high-quality proteins to provide a complete nutritious balanced meal designed for old dogs.

This recipe includes fresh bones-free chicken just as concentrated chicken aliments, the two of which are great sources of natural joint-supporting supplements chondroitin and glucosamine. The formula is additionally enhanced with probiotics for healthy digestion and chelated minerals for better nutritional absorption.

Wellbeing Complete Health recipes have made it to the Whole Dog Journal’s 2019 list for approved dog foods. Also, Labrador Training HQ appreciates that the formula excludes any wheat, corn, soy meat by-products or unnatural additives which guarantees a smooth digestion and healthy food.

Pros: Made with fresh chicken and chicken meal, fresh vegetables and fruits for natural minerals and vitamins’ sources, contains entire grains for smooth digestiveness, boosted with probiotics and chelated minerals, enhanced sources of chondroitin and glucosamine, sustains healthy coat and skin, excludes any artificial additives and meat by-products.

Cons: May cause food sensitivities in dogs touchy to grains, certain dogs have allergies to chicken food, a few dogs developed irritated stomach or gas related problems.

10- Merrick: The best dog food for small toy breeds


Merrick Lil’ Plates Grain-Free Dog Food is outstanding for toy and small breed dogs since it’s available in seven grain-free recipes that are prepared with digestible carbohydrates, good quality proteins, and healthy supplements.

Many pet owners mistakenly think that small dog breeds require less calories than large-size dogs while the opposite is rather true. Small dog breeds have quick digestion process, thus, while they might require a less amount of calories, they in fact need a higher level of calories’ concentration per pound of body-weight.

Small or miniature breed dog recipes have plenty of protein with more significant levels of fat to satisfy high-energy needs of a toy breed dog. Our top choice for the best miniature breed dog food is Merrick Lil’ Plates Grain-Free Dog Food.

While you may feel that wet food is better and easier for a little dog to eat, most veterinarians concur that dry food is rather better. Dental disease is a frequent issue in small breed dogs, and eating kibble helps prevent plaque buildup which minimizes the danger of teeth sickness. Apart the fact that it comes in seven distinct formulas, Merrick Lil’ Plates Grain-Free Dog Food is perfectly sized to suit little dog varieties, and over all, is intended to support your pet’s dental wellbeing.

This Merrick dog food uses animal-based and high-quality proteins like salmon, chicken, beef and lamb, all with grain-free carbs such as sweet potato for fiber. Fresh vegetables and fruits make great natural sources for essential nutritional elements while additives like probiotics help enhance a regular and healthy digestion system. Kibbles are suitably measured for little mouths, and have a fantastic crunch that makes it easier to keep your dog’s mouth and teeth clean.

The brand’s quality of composing ingredients as well as the high protein content are approved by Top Dog Tips. The author additionally highlights that Merrick dog food is manufactured by US located and organically-certified dog kitchens.

Pros: Made with USA-sourced ingredients and within the US, comes in seven flavors (two with raw meals), high-quality animal proteins as the primary ingredient, fresh vegetables and fruits for minerals and vitamin natural sources, grain-free and gluten-free carbohydrates, enhanced with probiotics and chelated mineral, no artificial fillers or supplements, perfect little kibble size, crunchy to help maintain clean teeth.

Cons: Some dogs experienced digestive aches, high amounts of protein may not suit some dogs with kidney or liver issues, to some degree expensive compared to other available option.

11- Blue Buffalo: The best dog food for large breeds

Blue Buffalo-dog-food

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Large Breed Dog Food is available in three distinct flavors, and all of them include high levels of protein to make your large-size dog energetic.

To satisfy their energy needs, large-breed dogs would typically require an average of 20 to 30 calories for every pound of body weight to meet their energy necessities without putting on weight. While picking a pet food recipe for your large-breed dog, it is essential to ensure you satisfy your dog’s requirements in protein without going over the edge on fat — an excessive amount of fat basically implies more calories than needed.

The large-breed dogs would need as well a cautious mix of phosphorus and calcium to forestall muscular ailment, and additionally chondroitin and glucosamine for joint support. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Large Breed Dog Food is our top choice for large-size breed dogs’ food.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Large Breed Dog Food is mainly fashioned to suit the nutritional requirements of large-size dog breeds. Coming in three different meat-rich recipes, every formula is prepared with high-quality animal protein as the main and primary ingredient, along with whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits for dietary support.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Large Breed Dog Food contains no artificial substances or meat by-products, in addition, every recipe is enhanced with Blue Buffalo’s selective LifeSource Bits which includes an exclusive mix of nutrients, minerals, vitamins as well as antioxidants to make sure your dog gets a balanced complete nutrition.

Pros: Fresh meat makes the primary and main ingredient, whole grains for nutrition and absorbability, three distinct meat-rich flavors as a choice, no artificial supplements, supported with LifeSource Bits for nutritional integrity, fresh vegetables and fruits for organic sources of main nutrients, include probiotics and chelated minerals.

Cons: Positively expensive compared to some other available brands, kibbles might be a bit too small for certain dogs, Some dogs have allergies to grain ingredients.