22 Questions I Very Much Wish I Could Ask My Dog!

Anastasia Basano/Flickr

We all wished at some point our dogs were able to talk to us – things would have been much funny. But unfortunately that is not the case, dogs cannot talk and we can only make assumptions about what they feel and experience. But if that were the case, these are some questions I pretty much would want to ask my dog.

1. What is it with you acting about any noise you hear like it’s a life or death situation? Do you have to sound like a criminal is by the door every time someone passes by?

2. Do you love me? To what extent? And is this love of yours only conditioned by me feeding you pieces of chicken that I specifically prepare for you?

3. What do you keep on doing the whole day when I’m at work? But also, do you miss me?

4. If you had one million dollar to spend, what would you have wanted to buy? A friend of mine says ‘squirrel reserve’ will make a good option, but I would want to know what you like most.

5. Do you miss other people? I mean specific people?

6. Why do you keep staring at me? And more importantly, why do you sometimes keep looking at wall/door/space … with so much attention like you see something I don’t?

7. Are you like hating all other dogs? Or it a simple acting?

8. Are aware that look so adorable after a haircut ? Because you look so stunning and lovely.

9. What’s the story of dogs with cats? Is it related to politics, religion, food reserve … ? And what’s your feeling about the ‘all dogs hate cats’ stereotype? Dog-Cat media did it?

10. What is your favorite dog food? And if I did provide you with more of it, would you cease going on strikes whenever I’m out?

11. What are your dreams about? I know people speculate about different theories on the Internet, but tell what exactly your dreams consist of? Being famous, being able to fly? What is it?

12. How come you are so adorable and lovely? How did this happen? How ?

13. What do you dogs talk about when you meet each other? Do you talk bad staff about us? And do you have cliques like we do?

14. What is the thing that I do that you like the most? And what would a perfect day for you be like?

15. If you ever had to work, what would your job?

16. Do you dogs have any memories? like life and past memories ? If yes, then tell me what’s your best life memory? Like the best moment you ever lived till now?

17. When I step on you tail by accident and apologize, do you understand that I didn’t do it intentionally? Also do you accept my apology?

18. What’s your second favorite person? I assume the first, am I right?

19. What’s your favorite day of the week? I’d guess Sunday because you get to go to the park, is that so?

20. Who taught you to climb on the counters and how did you come to learn to do it only when I’m not watching.

21. Am I the best thing that happened to you in this world? I hope you say yes.

22. And at last, Are you aware that dogs went to space before humans could do?