15 Sweetest Baby Dogs With Irresistible Charm Every Dog Lover Should See!

15 Sweetest Baby Dogs Every Dog Lover Should See

Do you find every baby dog you see to be the cutest puppy you’ve ever seen ..? So do we!

And why wouldn’t that be ..? Every little puppy is just so cute and lovely, whether be it a Shit Tzu, a German Shepherd or a Golden Retriever … those little charming faces are irresistible and you could just stare at them all day without getting bored.

At the age of seven to eight weeks, just when they start to make their own way in life as independent baby dogs, when their mother starts to take care less of them, that’s the part when they start to be most attractive to us humans: explains Clive Wynne, director of Arizona State University’s Canine Science Collaboratory.

So in honor and love of puppies charming sweetness, we have put together some 15 of the cutest faces that will certainly make your day go better and maybe have you looking for one of those for your own … CONTINUE TO SLIDESHOW