Dogs Are Being Brutally Tortured In Bali And Fed To Tourists


With the recent news of the Yulin Festival banning dog meat, it looks as though there are fresh concerns for animals being tortured for food.

Tourists in Bali, the island and province of Indonesia, are unknowingly being fed dog meat.

Not only are they being told it’s chicken, to make matters worse, the tourists are supporting a horrific trade which sees the animals abused and slaughtered.

Recent footage, shot by Animals Australia, shows how thousands of the animals are caught with nooses, causing them to suffocate.

They are then killed before being served to unsuspecting tourists on the popular island as chicken satay sticks.

Speaking to ABC, Lyn White from Animals Australia said:

When we embarked on this investigation, we didn’t have any idea that we would be documenting that dog meat is entering into tourist areas.

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